Lucky day
Lucky day

" Torke will never forget that encounter with the furry demon. Together with his daughter and son they were making their way to the other end of the glade in search of food. It was a chilly early spring day. Torke had always been very careful and everything seemed to be under control and that the expedition will end without any problems. Suddenly he, furry demon, appeared! Emerging from behind the hill. Torke froze ... then he saw that the demon was already carrying two hunted mice in its mouth... hope! The demon stared at them for a moment, then ran to his lair to consume his victims..."

The painting is entirely based on and inspired by the real life event :) A few days ago I met one of our wild cats in front of the house. There were two field mice in his mouth 0__o Terrifying and fascinating! The idea for this painting immediately came to my mind. Full story on my insta! :) Cheers!

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