1920 - Mat Hanson
1920 - Mat Hanson

Little sneak peek from the upcoming 'The Expedition' project and new storyline from my 1920+ world.

One of the main characters - Mat Hanson! Famous traveler and explorer, expert in Siberia and the arctic, specialist in Inuit survival techniques. Mat was a very good friend of Dr.Tarkowski, they participated together in many expeditions to the Arctic. As soon as he found out about the unexplained disappearance of his friend and his team, he immediately went to Siberia to find him an explain what had happened...

Mat Hanson it is an adaptation to the 1920+ world of the traveler and explorer, the fearless Matthew Henson, and my tribute to this badass, extraordinary man! If you have not heard about Matthew Henson and his achievements, I encourage you to check, you will not be disappointed! :) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matthew_Henson


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