Metaverse could be a dangerous place
Metaverse could be a dangerous place

"In the Metaverse world only the bravest of man dares to search for a powerful and very rare magical artifact - honey, which is Guarded by the mighty Bears. To get some honey, you first need to defeat or catch the bear guarding it. Many have tried, few succeed. Finding these rare beasts is almost impossible, not to mention catching them! But new daredevils are still coming and keep trying. They call them Honey Riders! Today, in the darkest and inaccessible corner of the Metaverse world, the bravest of the honey seekers try to catch the legendary battle bear - #7488 "

Illustration made for the FBM metaverse community and upcoming metaverse game.
This is the first in a series of paintings from this universe.

Based and inspired by my adventures in the Metaverse world :)

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