Edward felt that he had definitely drunk too much that evening, he was completely drunk! As usual, this state increased his courage and the will to seek strange adventures. Together with Thomas, his best friend from the days of the military academy, they decided to sneak out of the party and light a few fireworks, certainly to the satisfaction of all the ladies gathered at the New Year's party. In the middle of the field, despite the alcohol, Edward just remembered about a strange farmer neighboring their residence, who asked them not to light the fireworks that night because they scare his animals. Old fool! - he thought. Thomas, barely standing on his feet, had just fired the first fireworks. Edward staggered from the explosion, felt dizzy and fell to the ground. "All right, all good, don't be afraid!" He said, picking up the bottle of champagne they had taken with them. He slowly got up from the ground and what he saw made him immediately sobered! Thomas was lying on the ground, covered in blood with horror on his face, and a strange giant bear stood over him. Edward at first thought it was alcohol, but it had to be the bear. What else?! Suddenly, the bear spoke to them, with a strangely Scottish accent - "I asked you idiots, to not light these damn fireworks tonight!" Thomas started screaming. Edward started to run. The next day, Edward woke up in his bed. With a terrible hangover and a headache. He remembered nothing, did not even remember how he get back home. But slowly he remembered the strange dream, with Thomas and the talking bear that had attacked them. He smiled to himself. Started looking for Thomas to laugh at it together, but he was nowhere to be found... weird.

Edward never met Thomas again, and his body was never found. He also never fired fireworks on New Year's Eve again.

Happy new 2022 everyone! Thank you for your amazing support which is even more valuable to me in these difficult and strange times. I wish you all the best and that this new year will finally surprise us... in a good way ;)
And don't be like Thomas. Skip the fireworks! For animals and, for example, people affected by lycanthropy, it is a real nightmare and enormous stress!


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