Strong bond
Strong bond

Tyr looked after the wolf Fenrir from an early age. Only he had the courage. They spent every moment together, he fed him and combed his thick hair. Fenrir was his best friend and companion. And yet, at the instigation of other gods, and out of a sense of duty, Tyr betrayed and tricked Fenrir, so that he could be imprisoned. Heartbroken and deceived, Fenrir bit his right arm off. Tyr knew he deserved it. Tyr begged Odin (who was possessed with a panicky fear of the mighty wolf and the prophecy associated with him ) and other Aesir to spare Fenrir. He swore that he would guard him and Fenrir will not be a threat anymore, only let the other gods leave them alone, somewhere far from the world, on a lonely island. He also swore to give up his position and power and step aside. Odin agreed to this. Millennia have passed. The world forgot about Tyr... Odin, however, did not forget about the Fenrir. He decided to kill the beast by sending his mighty son, Thor, to the island where Fenrir was imprisoned. Thor willingly accepted the challenge as he was very anxious to impress his father. He was also hungry for glory and he knew that the saga about his fight with the mighty beast would be sung to the end of days. So Thor went to the island where Fenrir was imprisoned. But, Tyr was there, ready to defend and fight side by side with his mighty wolf. Fenrir was all he had left and what he cared about.

" Leave, Odinson! You are not welcome here. You may be strong, but you are not a God of War, go away! I don't want to hurt you, boy! Tyrfing is hungry for Aesir's blood! "

My vision of myths and the friendship between Tyr and Fenrir, and the hypothetical fight betwenn Tyr and Thor. Who do you think would win in such a duel?
Personally, I have always pictured Fenrir as a powerful werewolf, not a wolf. After all, he was a child of giants. I think that version is much scarier, especially for Odin :)

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