A story about one beautiful summer night, during which the group of Teutonic knights returning from the crusade, understood the great mistake they had made by taking in captivity some brave Saracen... From my "The Cursed Knight" world/project.
Present times and affairs do not inspire me as an artist. But, I can not find anything that can raise my pressure higher and upset me more than racism and all this my skin is better than yours, bullshit! It is unbelievable that in 2020, the world is still struggling with this problem and people are hating each other and being persecuted because of different skin color or gender! This, somehow, can be accepted as the reality of the Dark Ages, but in 2020 it is something that I can not understand and accept as the reality in which we live. In recent years, these moods, hatred, and divisions have become more acute, also in my country. It is very sad that in a country where Poles themselves were treated as second-class citizens for 123 years of partitions, in a country that suffered so much under the oppression of the Nazis and communists, racism is doing better than ever in 2020... this is a drama! It is a really hard time to have faith in humanity... 
Let’s stay strong, together, and support each other!

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