1920 - Expedition
1920 - Expedition

" The war is over! Rasputin and Fenris' plans to take over the world were stopped. The times of relative peace came to Europa and the world. No one needed war heroes anymore, politicians quickly forgot about us and started fighting for power and influence. Many of us, those who helped stop Rasputin's madness, had to find a new place and a way to live in the new world. The world was still full of undiscovered places, secrets and treasures waiting to be discovered. Many, as us, unable to find a place in society, started looking for adventure and travel to most remote corners of the world, looking for traces of lost civilizations and artifacts. It was a time of expeditions, adventures and explorers. In 1925, in Siberia, near the Tunguska River, a strange comet struck in the middle of the taiga, causing catastrophic damage. Soon after the event, a group of scientist and explorers, led by my friend Dr. Tarkowski, organized an expedition to investigate this event. Unfortunately, no one had any contact with them for months, and people report strange things happening in the area. We decided to organize a rescue mission and explain what happened to Tarkowski and his men... "

New storyline and game set in my 1920+ world. I hope you will like it.

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