" Clayden had no remorse, no regrets. He killed people for more trivial reasons back in New Bedford. It was why became a whaler, to escape the consequences of his actions, to escape from civilization and its stupid laws. He respected only one law - the stronger takes all!
Now, in the middle of this ice desert, a few days since he killed this young Inuit hunter, took his canoe and supplies, he was beginning to feel a strange anxiety. "Nobody will know, nobody will look for him, not here, not in this frozen wasteland! Besides, he was just a savage, who cares about some native boy?! I did what I had to do!" - He thought. Suddenly Clayden saw something in the distance. At first he thought it was a huge polar bear, but no ... it was something else. Those cold, but disturbingly human, eyes, enormous arms, walrus-like fangs! It was a monster from worst nightmares! "Maybe it's hallucinations, maybe it's fatigue and hunger that confuses me, it can't be true, it can't be real!" - He thought. And then he saw this strange figure lifting something that resembled a walrus tusk and pointing in his direction, shouting something in an incomprehensible language. Later, there was only darkness, darkness and pain. "

Tupilaq - In Greenlandic Inuit beliefs, it was an avenging monster fabricated by a practitioner of witchcraft or shamanism by using various objects such as animal parts and even parts taken from the corpses of children.


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