Brothers in arms - Invasion
Brothers in arms - Invasion

No, I haven't played Ghost of Tsushima... yet, hehe :) but I can't wait to try it! I'm very excited about this game!
New painting from my 'Brothers in arms' series. Improvisation from imagination. Painted and time-lapse video - iPad Pro ProCreate.

So, I have never been a big supporter of the theory that the knights of medieval Europe had no contact with the Samurai. I mean, of course, probably not on a scale worth noting by historians of the period, sure! But, knowing human nature and curiosity about the world, I simply do not believe that no knight or some mercenary working for a merchant, did not made it to Japan :) This is a story of William, a young hospital knight who lost his faith, disappointed with the crusades, at the end of the 13th century, with a merchant caravan set off to Asia. After years of travel and extraordinary adventures, he ended up in Japan, where he becomes a friend of a Samurai named Sukesada. Together they face the Mongol invasion. William wrote down his adventures in his personal journal, as you can see he liked to embellish some parts... ;)

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